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US Admissions Interview Tips

5 Tips for Successful Interviews The interview is your opportunity to stand out beyond the application with the admissions officer. For you, the university interview provides a chance to share your personality and personal story as to why... Read More

Application Tips

5 Essential Tips to Get Started 1. Make a targets list of the American universities you plan on applying to Learn about the different application policies and track the application and financial aid deadlines and fees. 2. Find out the... Read More

Further planning - Early application

To apply early or not to apply early? Hundreds of American universities offer early decision admissions plans, which allow applicants to apply early (deadlines for early decision are usually in early November; regular applications are... Read More

Choosing the right university for you

You can make your choice easier by considering a number of factors when deciding where to apply The Basics There are two groups of universities in the USA: public universities, which are supported by state governments, and are usually... Read More

Getting Started: 5 Key Admissions Factors

Getting started can be a little daunting; we've put together a handful of key factors that will help you in this journey. When to start The ideal time for UK students to start looking into the US admissions process is the summer break... Read More

New SAT means new preparation

Although it’s been nearly six months since the New SAT debuted, there are still mixed feelings around the revamped format. Arguably one of the most important standardised exams for college admission, the New SAT has caused a divide amongst... Read More

ACT scores decreasing

A recent study by shows that while the ACT exam is becoming more popular year-on-year, the national score average has declined. What could be the reason behind the drop in ACT scores? There are a few, actually. First, the number... Read More

5 Tips for Writing a College Essay

One of the most influential parts of your college application that differentiates you from the rest of the competition is your College Essay. This piece of writing is the opportune time to describe to the college admissions board why the... Read More