Free GRE® Quantitative Comparison Sample Questions

Practice the Quantitative Comparison Question Type.

These questions require you to compare quantities and work out how they relate to one another.

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Quantitative Comparison

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Directions: Select the correct answer.
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Quantity A

The value of z when x = -1 and y = 3

Quantity B

The value of z when x = -2 and y = 2

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Quantity A

The sum of the coordinates of a point on the fourth quadrant of an xy-coordinate plane

Quantity B

The product of the coordinates of a point in the first quadrant of an xy-coordinates plane

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x < 0 < y

Quantity A

-2 (x+y)

Quantity B


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Quantity A

The number of day in 17 weeks

Quantity B

The number of minutes in 2 hours