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SAT® Private Tutoring

One-to-one guidance from an expert teacher at our London Centre or live online.

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Tutoring Options

Focused Options:

Receive FREE access to our SAT Self-Paced course with any 6, 9 or 12 hour package, as well as a bonus SAT Math Foundations course with our 12 hour package option.

Package What Can You Expect to Cover? Complimentary SAT Self-Paced Course Complimentary Math Foundations Course Price
6 Hours Best option for customised review of 1-2 of your weakest areas.
London ($1125)
Online ($835)
9 Hours Great for customised review of 2-3 of your weakest areas.
London ($1525)
Online ($1215)
12 Hours Optimal for strategic coverage of all SAT exam subjects.
London ($2025)
Online ($1685)

Comprehensive Options:

For more in-depth exam coverage, Kaplan provides 20, 25 and 30 hour tutoring packages. You'll get FREE access to our SAT Self-Paced course, Math Foundations course AND a complimentary Live Online course OR London Classroom Course.

Package What is Covered? Complimentary SAT Self-Paced Course Complimentary Math Foundations Course Complimentary Classroom or Live Online Course Higher Score Guarantee* Price
20 Hours Ideal for focusing on and targeting your weaker areas.
London ($3240)
Online ($2685)
25 Hours Customised review of all subjects with in-depth coverage of chosen subjects.
London ($3915)
Online ($3240)
30 Hours In-depth coverage of all subjects.
London ($4455)
Online ($3710)


Study with an expert Kaplan tutor for personalised SAT prep.

Our Private Tutoring provides a completely customised approach to learning. Perfect for those looking for one-to-one help with additional focus on weaknesses and specific areas of the exam.

Our former students have gained admission to Ivy League and other top universities in the USA including Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Northwestern and NYU. Get into the University of your choice by prepping with Kaplan!

Exclusive to Kaplan only: Access to our popular Classroom Course or Live Online Course for FREE with selected Private Tutoring packages!

What you get:

Satisfaction Guarantee

Not satisfied after the first hour of tutoring? You'll have the option to cancel and get a full refund if you would not like to proceed after that first hour.

Flexible 1-to-1 Study Sessions

You choose the date and time for your convenience. Tutoring available at our London Centre or live online via our new Adobe Connect platform.

Study Materials

Comprehensive study materials including an SAT course book to help you achieve test day success.

Higher Score Guarantee*

We guarantee that you will pass the SAT exam or your money back!*

Online Study Center Access:

NEW! The SAT Channel

New and exclusive to Kaplan, the SAT Channel offers live streaming prep from the best instructors. Combined with any course, it includes the most hours of interactive prep available.

8 Full-Length Practice Tests

You’ll receive access to 8 full-length practice tests with detailed score analysis. NEW: 4 Official College Board practice tests included to fully prepare you for Test Day.

Adaptive Learning Technology

Get customized homework assignments based on your progress with our exclusive Smart Reports® system.

Mobile-enabled online resources

Access to online course resources via mobile, tablet and desktop, ensuring you have the freedom to study anywhere, any time.


How it works

How do I enrol in Private Tutoring?

Once enroled in the course, our academics team will assign you an expert tutor based on your personal needs. If you opt for in person Private Tutoring, this will take place at our London Centre located at 3-5 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0HA.

All our online private tutoring takes place via Adobe Connect, which does not require you to install any additional software. You will start by taking a diagnostic test, which will help you and your tutor understand your strengths and weaknesses. From this, a tailored schedule can then be made to best decide how you want to maximise the hours of your tutoring package.

It's important that you put aside time outside of your lessons to review, study, and complete any homework or assignments. 

Spaces with tutors are limited. We recommend that you book at least 2-3 weeks in advance to guarantee a place. If you have any questions and have specific time constraints, please contact us before registering so we can confirm availability.


Meet Our Teachers

Meet some of our SAT® teachers and tutors

Our team of teachers and tutors is the foundation of our programs. Each has second-to-none credentials, top test scores, and extensive training and development. Kaplan's teacher certification and development program ensures that our teachers and tutors are authorities on the tests, on score-raising strategies, and on teaching practices to raise test scores. 

Our teachers are:

  • Accomplished – Top SAT® scores.
  • Trained – Extensive, rigourous on-going training and development.
  • Talented – Thorough audition and screening process.

Wenwen Liu, McGill University

Wenwen graduated from McGill University in 2011 with a BA in Architecture and is now continuing her education at the University of Bath, taking on an Mphil in Architectural History and Theory. Having a passion for both the Arts and the Sciences Wenwen has taught the SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, GRE and SAT subject tests for a number of years and helped countless students achieve their personal goals. In her spare time she enjoys visiting museums and attractions all over the world, but loves exploring cities the most.

Corinne Morgan, Mount Holyoke College

Corinne graduated from Mount Holyoke College and currently attends Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Her favourite part of teaching is helping students achieve their goals, and through that more self-confidence within their academics and daily lives. Outside of teaching, Corinne enjoys baking, reading, dancing and playing board games!

Erin Denton, University of British Colombia, Simon Fraser University & McGill University

Erin graduated from McGill University in Montreal, Canada with a PhD in Sociology. She has published several journal articles and book reviews in academic journals, and is a peer reviewer and editorial board member for several other academic journals. Erin's favourite part of teaching is active participating in helping a student achieve his/her goals. And her four favourite things are: her dog, books, cheeseburgers and Bruce Springsteen!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Kaplan's Private Tutoring work?

After you enrol in a tutoring option, you will first sit the diagnostic exam and then begin the tutoring once you have established a base level with your tutor. From this, your tutor will create a study plan that suits your needs based on your strengths and weaknesses. If you are not happy with the first hour of your tutoring package, we will be happy to give you a full refund and cancel the rest of your sessions, providing you notify us after the first session.

If you want private tutoring because you are unable to attend a classroom course, please note that you will still have a significant amount of work to do in between your sessions, and so you might not want to do more than 2 sessions of 2 hours each per week.

If you’re unsure of how to structure your private tutoring session, do not worry! First complete the diagnostic exam, then meet with your tutor for the first one-hour session, get the homework and see how you feel. You can discuss with your tutor what the best structure and schedule will be for you.

Beyond your general availability (i.e. evenings, daytimes, weekends) you can also schedule additional sessions directly with your tutor and adjust the pace depending on how you’re progressing.

How long are each of the tutoring sessions?

In general, we recommend your tutoring session be between 90 minutes to 2 hours long, and usually meeting no more than 2 times a week so that you also have time to complete assignments. However, it is completely up to you!

How long does it take to match me a tutor?

Usually it can take up to 10 days. However, the more flexible you are in terms of availability the quicker we are likely to match you to a tutor.

Can the tutor travel to my office/house?

Outside of centre tutoring is considered on a case by case basis and depending on where the student is located could incur an additional surcharge. However, if you are unable to make it to our London centre we do offer Online Private Tutoring. 

How does Online Private Tutoring work?

It's very easy and extremely convenient! Just ensure you have a working internet connection, and test your video and voice connection on Skype prior to your first session. This will ensure a smooth one-to-one session with your tutor.

Can I meet a tutor?

No, but we do offer free events at our London Centre such as the SAT Test Drive and US Undergraduate Admissions seminar which will give you an idea of what our tutors are like. Also, we have some tutor bio's on the website if you want to know their background. Not only are all of our tutors required to have scored in the 90th percentile or above on the SAT, they are all put through a rigorous training process making sure that they know how to convey the strategies to students of all levels. They are also extremely engaging and passionate about helping students grow their confidence with the test!

How much time do I need to give myself to prepare for the SAT?

We recommend giving yourself around 2-3 months before the test date. Then allow for about 2 weeks to review before your actual test. Also, make sure the day before the test you take a break and relax from studying to ensure everything you've learned has soaked in.

Have more questions? You can contact us by phone (+44 (0)20 7930 3130) or email and we would be happy to help!

Find out what other Kaplan students thought this year...

Aditya S., SAT Summer Programme

I took Kaplan's SAT prep course in the summer and I received a final SAT score of 2230. I thought the classroom course was really brilliant and there is no way I'd have gotten anything close to that score without Kaplan's help. Definitely huge feedback from me!


SAT Classroom Student, October 2016         

There are so many resources available at your hands once you sign up. Not only do you have your instructor, they also help you work through the book and you have loads of online resources.

SAT Classroom Course Student, October 2016

Kaplan was very helpful in not only helping me understand the material better but also in giving useful tips and methods on how to answer the questions efficiently.

SAT Live Online Student, September 2016

Prep through Kaplan puts you at a higher advantage than most because you tackle the core topics that you'll see on the test. The instructors are also there for you.

SAT Self-Paced Student, October 2016

I have already recommended this course to at least three or four people because of the great study services.


SAT Classroom Course Student, September 2016

I feel as though my instructor put a lot of time and effort behind each and every one of his lesson plans. He was thorough with his advice to help everyone in the class improve on the SAT.


SAT Live Online Student, September 2016

The Kaplan methods were incredibly helpful since they kept every question organised. I learned a lot more than I would have if I had tried to study on my own. The practice tests really created an accurate test setting and gave instant feedback with detailed answers and explanations. I find myself unconsciously using the Kaplan methods at school, and they have helped me achieve better academic levels in many subjects.