Register for the LSAT® Exam

You should register for the LSAT online with the administrators of the LSAT, the Law School Admission Council at

The deadline to register for the 6th October 2018 exam (Europe, Middle East & Africa) is 4th September 2018.

Registration for the LSAT is $180. Those who register late will be charged an additional late fee of $100.

What About Law Services?

Most ABA-approved US law schools will also require you to register with The Credential Assembly Service (CAS), previously known as The Law School Data Assembly Service. The CAS prepares and provides a report for each law school you apply to. This report contains information that schools use, along with your application, letters of recommendation and personal essay, to make a decision on your application. Once a law school has created a file for you, they will request your information from Law Services. The CAS report will include undergraduate academic summaries, copies of all undergraduate, graduate and law school/professional school transcripts, LSAT scores including writing sample copies, and copies of letters of recommendation processed by Law Services through their recommender service.

CAS charges a $185 fee for the service which will last for a period of 5 years from your registration date. This subscription includes law school report preparation, letter of recommendation and transcript processing. They will provide access to an electronic application for all ABA-approved law schools. Law school reports are available for $35 each before or after you register for the LSAT. You don't have to subscribe to CAS when you register for the LSAT, but you should register as soon as possible prior to your first law school application deadline.