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Course Overview

Interview Preparation from the experts in UCAT tuition

Kaplan's Medical School Interview Preparation Course is designed for students who are looking to successfully manage the pressure and unfamiliar dynamics of their Medical School interviews, with the guidance of experts in the medical field.

This 1-day course provides a comprehensive review of interview mastery techniques, a mock one-to-one interview and MMI stations with practising doctors and current medical students. You will also be provided with a Medical School Interview coursebook.

With the competitive entry requirements to medical schools, having excellent A-level grades and a top UCAT or BMAT score is not enough to get you into the Medical School of your choice. Your interview is an equally important part of your application, and our course is designed to give you the practice and support to interview with confidence.

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We also offer a preparation course for the Multiple Mini Interview process

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Why Kaplan?

Why take Kaplan's Medical School Interview Preparation Course?

  • The course provides 7 hours of intensive interview instruction and practice from medical professionals, providing you with a balanced mixture of interview mastery lessons and one-to-one practice and guidance.

  • We have worked with more doctors and medical students than any other provider of medical school preparation services, so you can be confident that you'll receive experienced and current interview instruction.

  • Our course is structured to ensure practice makes perfect. You will conduct a mock one-to-one interview, sit mock MMI stations with our experts and receive personalised feedback on your performance.

  • At Kaplan, we pride ourselves on ensuring students feel confident for their tests, and you will receive ongoing support until your official Medical School interviews are complete!

Topic Areas

What you can expect to learn:

Medical Industry Insights

Learn critical content for common interview topics, and effectively discuss key information on relevant topics such as the NHS, medical ethics and medical education in an interview setting.

Interview Mastery Techniques

Get Kaplan strategies to prepare yourself for the most challenging interview situations, and gain comprehensive, knowledgeable answers to traditional and popular interview questions.

Panel Interview and MMI Circuit Familiarity

Learn to navigate the fast-paced dynamics of the MMI format with poise and focus, and manage unfamiliar situations in interviews.

Understand Your Interviewer

Pinpoint what interviewers are looking for from the perspective of current medics, and understand how to present yourself professionally and eloquently to interviewers.


Course Structure & Lesson Breakdown

View a chronological preview of the course structure and get a good idea of the topics which will be covered further below.

Medical School Interview Preparation Class
Welcome & Overview*
Lesson 1: Interview Mastery Techniques
Lesson 2: Understanding Research
Lesson 3: The NHS
Lesson 4: Medical Ethics
Practice: MMI Circuit
Lesson 5: Questions About You
Lesson 6: Questions About Medical School
Close and Wrap Up

*Throughout the class, each student is taken to a separate room to conduct a mock 1:1 interview.



Use our FAQs to help you select from the available options for medical school interview preparation.

1. What’s the difference between an MMI course and an Interview Preparation course?

The Kaplan Interview Preparation course is comprehensive and provides strategies for approaching the topic areas that are covered in traditional panel interviews, with the opportunity for 1:1 practice and some MMI station practice.

The Kaplan MMI course offers realistic practice for the MMI with 2 full multiple mini-interview circuits made up of 20 stations.

2. I start year 12 in September: will I need to consider either the MMI course or Medical School Interview Preparation course?

If you’re just finishing your GCSEs, there’s still time before making decisions on medical school interview preparation. An initial step would be to gather more knowledge about the medical schools to which you can apply, in order to see which interview style they use.

3. I’m starting year 13 in September: which interview preparation course should I consider?

You should initially consider the Interview Preparation option as it covers all the key topic areas of interviews with an introduction to realistic MMI practice. The MMI course focuses on realistic practice for multiple mini-interviews.

4. How do I make a decision on the interview course I should take when I haven’t received interview offers yet?

You can get in touch with the medical schools where you have applied, and see which of them run panel interviews or MMI. This will help you understand the style(s) on which to focus your practice.

5. I’m quite nervous about the unusual dynamic of MMIs, but also need to brush up on interview topics like the NHS and medical ethics. Which option do I go for?

We advise that you opt for our Interview Preparation course if you’re looking for support on interview panel topic areas plus a taster of MMI stations.

6. Can I take both interview preparation courses?

You most definitely can! This is especially relevant if you have applied to a mixture of universities that use one or the other. You can save £30 on both courses if they are purchased together.