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Working with Kaplan to Provide Exam Preparation

Kaplan works with schools, academic institutions and non-profits globally. We deliver events and comprehensive preparation courses to students pursuing the next stage of their educational career.

Our inaugural Medical School Admissions seminar covering all factors involved in guiding your students' applications to medical school will take place in April and May. Find out more and register.

Medical School Admissions Seminars - Preparing Your Students for Medical School

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Bring Free Kaplan Events to Your School
  • UKCAT & BMAT Presentations
    A Kaplan expert will help your students understand the structure, scoring and timeline of the UKCAT and/or BMAT tests. A taster of score-raising strategies will also be provided.
  • Surgical Suturing Workshops
    Engage your students with medical stitching classes. This provides great experience which they can reference in their UCAS personal statements.
  • Medical School Interview Sessions
    We can offer sessions for students to learn more about MMI circuits and how to approach the interview process for Medical School.
  • Flexibility
    Our experienced team will tailor the length and content of our events to suit your school's needs.
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Custom Courses
  • Choice of Course Length
    We offer 1-day, 2-day and even 4-day classes, and we can adapt our class times to suit your timetable.
  • Extensive Content
    In addition to class teaching time, each course comes with video lessons, access to substantial online resources, practice tests, additional live instruction via our exclusive UKCAT Channel, and much more.
  • Strategy Book
    Courses include a comprehensive course book, featuring Kaplan's proven methods and strategies and additional practice questions.
  • Online Study Centre
    All students have access to a personal online study centre, providing access to 10 hours of recorded video lessons, an essay marking service (BMAT) and over 3000 extra practice questions (UKCAT).
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School Discounts
  • Group Discounts
    Click here to receive a customised quote for your school, with substantial discounts available for groups.
  • Student Discounts
    Click here to receive a retail discount for your students (no obligation).
  • Bursary Applications
    Nominate students for our bursary programme on behalf of your school.
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Resources & Tips
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