Kaplan UKCAT® Course in Cambridge

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What you get in a nutshell

Kaplan's UKCAT courses provide 8 lessons over 2 consecutive days of tuition and include a 300-page A4 course book, a supplementary 90-page Lesson eBook, 3000 practice questions, 2 months access to our Online Study Centre, 6 practice tests and more.

This course also includes the brand new Future Doctors Channel within the Online Study Centre, providing over 20 hours of Medical School application guidance and UKCAT instruction!

View details of our course structure and lesson breakdown and a more detailed breakdown of the different features included.

Prep until you’re ready - guarantee
Kaplan is committed to ensuring you perform at your best on test day. If for any reason, you do not feel ready to take the UKCAT or BMAT after your course, you can study again with Kaplan for free. Terms and conditions apply

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Find out what other Kaplan students thought this year...

Marion M, a Glasgow Classroom Course Student, scored 2990, Band 1

Was quite skeptical before attending the class as to how it could help, as I had always been told it was not possible to prepare for UKCAT but was willing to try Kaplan, as I had only got 2500 the previous year. Kaplan improved my score massively by teaching me that UKCAT was a skill and helped me better mine. The online tests that Kaplan supply after the class are extremely helpful as well. Would 100% recommend it.

Laurence Q, a Manchester Classroom Course Student, scored 2830, Band 1

A very informative course which taught me all the techniques required for the UKCAT. My instructor was great, and the resources provided were equally as helpful. The use periodic tests helped me track my progress, as did the online tests, which closely modelled the official UKCAT format.

Charlotte B, a Cardiff Classroom Course Student, scored 2830, Band 1

The amount of confidence that the course gave me was utterly invaluable. I truly believe that the stress would have made me fold completely, if I had not had the extra materials to guide me. The atmosphere wasn't intimidating and I felt like I could ask any questions without fear of being ridiculed or ignored. Booked the BMAT course without hesitation. First class.