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Working with Kaplan to Provide Exam Preparation

Kaplan works with schools, academic institutions and non-profits globally. We deliver events and comprehensive preparation courses to students pursuing the next stage of their educational career.

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Bring Free Kaplan Resources to Your School
  • Kaplan's Free Practice
    We provide free online full-length online practice tests to help students learn what to expect when they take the SAT or ACT.
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Custom Courses
  • Tailored Course Schedules
    We will work with you to create custom courses based on the unique needs of your school and students. 
  • Extensive Content
    In addition to class teaching time, each course comes with video lessons, access to substantial online resources, practice tests, additional live instruction via our exclusive SAT Channel, and much more.
  • Personalised Study
    Our adaptive learning technology, Smart Reports®, identifies each student's strengths and weaknesses to provide customised study recommendations.
  • Ongoing Support and Feedback
    Kaplan will be there every step of the way, both by supporting students all the way up to Test Day, and by providing feedback to schools on students' performance.
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School Discounts
  • Group Discounts
    Click here to receive a customised quote for your school, with substantial discounts available for groups.
  • Student Discounts
    Click here to receive a retail discount for your students (no obligation).

Resources & Tips
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