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How important is the GMAT?

If I said the GMAT wasn't important for selection to an MBA programme, I'd be lying. I would like to share why the GMAT is important, why you may still get into a top school with a reasonable rather than stellar score, and what to do if...
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Which business school should I apply to?

The answer to which school to apply to depends on many factors: curriculum; location of study or future employment; length of study; full time versus executive programme; start date (September, January or another time ); possibility of...
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Top tips for your Business School Application from an Expert MBA Consultant

Ready, steady,........ go. The first full time MBA deadlines are ages away, right? No, the time will shoot by and it will soon be October, however if you plan well, and start now, you can have a great application to submit. Before we get...
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GMAT Select Section Order

*/ Selecting Your Section Order on the GMAT The GMAT can already be a daunting exam, with many questions like: when should I take the GMAT?, how long should I study? and
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